Marijuana Oil Cured My Skin Cancer

Posted by ShawnCainFilms on Jan. 03, 2012

Medical marijuana as a treatment for cancer VIDEO - Published- Thursday, September 29, 2011 Source- http-// By Catherine Kavanaugh Daily Tribune Staff Writer FERNDALE -- When his cancer came back for a fifth time, Michael McShane was desperate for treatment outside of traditional medicine. The last time squamous cell carcinoma left lumpy tumors around his mouth, doctors cut it away and reconstructed his bottom lip by turning out a portion of its inner layer. You can only do most facial tricks once, McShane, 51, said. I needed another option. As a qualifying medical marijuana patient, he tried Simpson oil derived from cannabis plants by a Canadian named Rick Simpson. McShane bought some from an Oak Park dispensary that has since closed and puts a few drops every day on his face. Over the course of about 10 weeks, the tumors faded and then seemed to disappear. His dermatologist, Ali Moiin, M.D.

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