Mariah Carey Drunk Speech & New Michael Jackson – The Toast

Posted by toastedrav on Jan. 07, 2010

Mariah Carey appeared drunk while accepting an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Check out the clip. Michael Jackson new song Another Day leaked and Sony is pissed.Charlie Sheen is back on Two and a Half Men after a domestic dispute with his wife.Daybreakers opens as well and features enough startling special effects that youll need to pack two changes of pants. ABC has a new show called Conveyor Belt of Love. Wait, it gets worse. The premise involves men trying to score with women while a rotating belt spins them away.Leap Year has hit theaters, giving women the opportunity to indulge their gushy romantic sides.Kentucky Fried Chicken may be in trouble of the racist kind after an Autralian ad made its way onto the net.That, and plenty more awaits. Simply watch the video and rewind it when youre finished. Also, cast your vote for best Toast of 2009 at ToastedRav dot com.

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