Man and Beast - Part 5

Posted by SeekerLand on Dec. 23, 2011

Song- Yelena Forest Queen by Dhruva Aliman- http-// Video Clips from the following listed below... Go watch and support their channels... 55 Ducks Crossing The Road Crazy Turkey Penguins attack! Swan Attacks Bride Mountain Biker gets taken out by BUCK - CRAZY Footage The Pigeon Fight SNAKE IN THE FACE!!!! (Updated Remastered) AMAZING!!! - Diver harasses Huge Green Moray Eel and lives to tell about it! Dolphin Stampede Huge Dolphin Stampede Huge Dolphin Stampede 1 Dolphin Collision In Mid-Air Car hits a Cow Tigermoth hits a cow during landing on a field CARP ATTACK Fatal Crash. Rally car hits Horse !!! Horse tramples car enfant VS cobra serpent The Spectacular Spider Cat dog bites kid in ball sack Ram vs. Soldier - Head Butt Challenge Ram Ramming a Car The Elk that likes to ram cars! Anaconda vs. Human monkey and dog Lopburi Monkey Attack 410 Alligator attack Deer Jumps Over Biker fast crash into deer Angry elephant attacks a van Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself Smart Dog Cover

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