Posted by SeekerLand on Feb. 21, 2011

Song- THE RIPPER by Dhruva Aliman- Available on iTunes, Amazon Video Clips from the following...Go watch and support their channels- Dancing Merengue Dog kangaroo vs man Kung Fu Bear in Japan! (UNEDITED) Man Gored to Death During Bull Fight Festival Bull Flips Guy Over Crazy Ass Goose! How to swim with and hug a shark - BBC wildlife Dog Attack Shark NEW halo the pool playing dog is back for more (Original) Elephant Paints Self Portrait Dolphin Sex with human 2 Funny dolphin Lizard jumps on reporter SNAKE BOY, HUGS, KISSES AND SLEEPS WITH GIANT PYTHON Swimming with a Manta Ray- Shark Therapy - Big Sharks- BBC Wildlife Insane dolphin stunt at Mundomar Mara Torres Júpiter y Ana Julia La2N African Lions Accept Man As One of Their Own Patches the Coolest Horse

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