Posted by SeekerLand on Feb. 21, 2011

Song- Sand Monkeys by Dhruva Aliman- Available on iTunes, Amazon Video Clips from the following...Go watch and support their channels- Lioness swimming with Kevin Richardson Shot of a lifetime Guy Jumps Over a Bull Deer Attacks Fat Dude Rhinoceros attacking tour bus Amazing Animals in Tiger Splash at Out of Africa Wildlife Park Cat attacks baby Three King Cobras and a Thai Man in Cambodian Snake Show Hippo Charges Rover (Watson) 711 S Horse Kicks Guy in Face Man gets punched in the face by monkey Gorilla drags ranger Elephant Attacks Car in India Funny Llama Attack!! Funny Dolphin LoL Knowsley baboons with car roof luggage Leopard vs man Swimming with wild reef sharks - Shark Therapy - BBC Animals Wolfman living with the pack Parrot doesnt like Sunglasses

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