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** This video was inspired by Whatever and Rich Ferguson ** We offered girls a 100 bucks to see if they would make out with us. The results were unbelievable. The reactions were priceless. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video, and feel free to leave your comments below if you have a suggestion on a prank you'd like us to pull off! -) Twitter- http-// Facebook- http-// Insta that gram- http-// FOLLOW US! Yeeee. . . . . selfie with strangers picture jontv j0nk0nikJerome Jarre Gets Arrested Prank! Poor VS Rich Prank! Extreme Homeless Man Makeover Part 2! Gold Digger Prank!Escaped Lion In The Hood Prank! Steve-O Gets A Beat Down Prank! Friday The 13th Prank! Five-O In The Hood Prank! Quit Smoking Prank! HowTo Pick Up Girls With A Magic Trick! Russian Hitman 60 Seconds Prank!Extreme Homeless Man Makeover!Steroids? How To Pick Up Girls With My Fans!Don't Look At My Boyfriend Prank! Are You Pregnant? Do You Even Squat? Bang Prank!How To Pick Up Guys In The Hood! Naked Prank! How To Get Girls To Kiss You.How To Pick Up Grandmas!Do You Even Lift? Gym Edition...How Much?How To Pick Up Black Girls!April Fools Prank On Mom Gone Wrong!Selling Cocaine In The Hood Prank!Shady Sluts Prank!Nutella on Booty's At Ultra 2013Embarrassing Pick Up Lines (ft.Simple PickUp) Stealing Skateboards Prank! Put Your Number In My Phone.How To Pick Up Girls On Valentine's Day! Crashing Live News Prank! Pull Up Your Pants Prank! Extreme Roid Rage!Cock Prank!Russian Hitman Gets Arrested!Kisses Prank! Do You Even Lift? You Have Something On You Prank- Drive Thru Edition Speaking Russian With Strangers 2Prank Gone Wrong-Prankster gets smacked in the face!The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Prank!End Of The World Prank!Gorilla Scare Prank!Shocked By Jumper Cables Prank! Vitaly Prank Phone Calls His Parents!Unexpected Interviews With Strangers You Have Something On You Prank!Dead Body Drop Off Prank! Joining People's Conversations Prank!Don't Look At My Girlfriend Prank!Sniffing In Public 2-Girl Edition Bug Exterminator Prank Taking Pictures Of Strangers-Black Guy Freak Out Full VersionT aking Pictures Of Strangers-White Guy Freak Out Full Version Taking Pictures Of Strangers! How To Pick Up Girls! Melanie and Daniela Unedited Version How To Pick Up Chicks Scarface Style Speaking Russian With Strangers VitalyzdTv & SketchEmpire Weekend Bo...

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