Making of the Drench Advert

Posted by Force10 on Sep. 10, 2008

Escape Studios, one of the world’s leading CG schools and studios, responsible for training some of the world’s best animators and Oscar? winning CG artists, is today launching a new state of the art, online 3D animation course in HD. The revolutionary online platform allows students to become computer graphics experts from the comfort of their own home and at their own speed. Now students will have access to world class training in Autodesk Maya, at the click of a mouse. Past escapees include James Sindle who now works at The Mill and was behind the Drench advert with Brains from Thunderbirds. Adam Dewhirst now works at Framestore and his current work includes creating the armour for the Polar Bears in The Golden Compass whilst Trevor Ley currently works at Rockstar Games, the company behind Grand Theft Auto. Check out the Making of video here of go to for more information about the course

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