Making money on a horse race

Posted by Spondicious on Mar. 09, 2010

Making money at the races Wizardcast19 is a short video which shows me using IRIS and STW software to make money on a horse race.I like to lay a horse to lose in a race and in races that are nottoo tight to call it is a pretty simple process to do this with IRIS. Ialso look at the DailyDonkey site to see which horse they think islikely to lose. They donÃïït always get it right but it is another pieceof information to help with the selection process.I usually go for the horse that is with odds around the 10-12 markbecause they are not in anyway favourites and the odds are not so highthat I would have a huge liability on a trade just in case such adonkey would win the race.

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