Making a Gangsta- Marker, Color Pencil, Oil Paint and Photoshop

Posted by kazanjianm on Aug. 04, 2009

My Alternative to oil painting by Merrill Kazanjian- Recently, I have made a lot of videos teaching about the techniques that I use to make art. But, for once, I want to talk to you about choices that I made with my own art. The first medium that I was proficient in was oil painting. But after college ended, I was too drained to paint after I got home from a day of work. The setup and clean up of paints took as long as the process of painting and the drying time was way too slow for my needs. I estimate that I painted only once or twice per week for about three hours per day and I only produced about two finished paintings per year. I did this for six years. I slowly started dabbling with mixed media art. What you are seeing now is a process that I have worked out over the past 2 years for the past two years. This process allows me to have results similar to oil paintings, done in one day rather than six months. I even incorporate oil paint in to one of the steps. Here it is- 1.) Pencil Drawing 2.) Illust

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