Make Myeloma Matter

Posted by DonovanGroup on Mar. 22, 2011

As part of our campaign to make myeloma matter, Myeloma Canada has partnered with Lisa Ray, the internationally known actor and star of the Oscar-nominated film Water, to help raise awareness of multiple myeloma and the need for equitable access to new medications. Her connection with multiple myeloma is a close one - she was diagnosed with the disease at the young age of 37. Lisa will be starring in a public service announcement (PSA) in which she very plainly tells Canadians that the reason she is here today is due to recent breakthroughs in medicine and that every Canadian patient deserves an equal chance to fight multiple myeloma, including the right care at the right time. The campaign also delivers a message to patients that they are not alone in their battle to fight multiple myeloma -- that there are resources available to them and to empower them to seek out information. The 30 second radio and television spots will air on stations across Canada. Please visit for more informa

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