Make it Happen

Posted by neaput1 on Apr. 07, 2011

Im doing everything I can to cope. I live in a strange part of the world, TorC New Mexico. During this hard economic time ( depression ), I worked at alot of places in town and was treated foul. Dont even talk to me about the rights of an employee. But came across one that treats me with respect. Gives recognition for hard work. Listen close to what im about to say.....I bathe my employer in appreciation for giving me a job and treating me like a human being. So i picked their logo to slap on the side of a large hill on the parkway entrance. A man will dig a ditch.....if he has to, to support his family. Radiation, the Collider, Nukes, Clones, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Upheaval in the Middle East, God help us all!

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