Maitrayas plan: End slavery with only 1 life lost

Posted by THX11384eb on Jun. 18, 2008

Niel Rutman, step up and face me with 6 ounce gloves. I pro said I had the fastest hands he'd ever seen. A world champ said I was, "Crazy strong." My plan for you? Face you toe 2 toe, tire you out, and then load up on a head shot and see how well you take punches. If it turns into an Emile Griffith, Benny Kid Parret scenario, 1 loss of life would get millions rushing to get stevia into their bodies, and you would posthumously help to save millions. They should give a medal to your Have the nuts, Mr. Composer, to stand in front of me? The savage beating you take will lead to millions trying stevia, which will lead to the worldwide stampede as bodies all over start to melt down to normal.

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