Mailing my garbage to Genn Beck

Posted by MarkDice on Mar. 02, 2010

Press ReleasePolitical activist group shipping their garbage to Glenn Beck(New York, NY) A national conservative political activist group is shipping boxes of their garbage to the Fox News Channel addressed to host Glenn Beck, because they say Glenn Beck is piece of garbage and a slanderous liar. Mark Dice, who started the campaign, posted a YouTube video showing him dumping the contents of a garbage can into a box and shipping it to Beck last Friday and urges others to do the same. His video is located here: sending Glenn Beck some symbols of what he is, explains Mark Dice, who calls the garbage decorations for Glenns office. Dice is upset that Glenn Beck repeatedly attacks 9/11 Truthers (people who believe the government is covering up evidence surrounding the September 11th attacks or allowed the attacks to happen on purpose as a pretext for war.) Glenn Beck has repeatedly slandered 9/11 Truthers by saying that the holocaust museum shooter was ...

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