Magic Saw

Multi-purpose hacksaw is as DIY Handy-Tool designed for easy application by various kinds of users. The application covers many kinds of material, i.e. metal, nonferrous metal, glass, tile, wood, PVC etc.It is easy to be applied as a construction site tool, handy-craft tool, fishing gear, gardening tool, automobile component tool, house or factory tool, educational, R&D tool for prototyping or model sampling etc.The coping saw blade is made of Carbon which enables cutting metal, nonferrous metal, wood, PVC, aluminum, rubber and etc.It can be installed in 3directions to the hacksaw body, i.e. bottom, left or right direction. Specially designed side direction(left or right)installation of the blade enables you to cut the material in shape or curve. Flat saw with spring-pin also can be installed in 3direcitons after removing the stainless steel frame, and it can be used for plywood or wooden material cutting.if you are interested in this,please visit the website: