MAG - A GameZombie Exclusive

Posted by gamezombie on Sep. 08, 2009

MAG brings a new movement in online gaming with 256 individual gamers playing simultaneously! MAG - standing for Massive Action Game - pits several different teams of players up against each other in tactical warfare, calling on strategy and communication to win the fight. Will 256 players on the same map cause lag problems? Will that many players make the game more exciting? Check it out in this exclusive interview with Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, Music by Chris Bates, Produced by Adrienne Thiery, Motion Graphics by Andrew Benninghoff and Leetal Halamish, Sr. Production Manager: Matthew Berghs, VJd by Chelsey Matrix, Filmed by Sam Sher and Andrew Benninghoff, and edited by Noah Hoover.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags massive, shooter, online, mag, gamezombie

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