M.Net Hot Blood Episode 1 080125 [Eng Sub] 2/2

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Sep. 27, 2009

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: Dance. Fact: Mgoon Audition 1st place. Hope- Best Hip Hop Singer] [Im Dae Hun. 1986.1.23 HanYang Cyber College. 181cm/64kg. Specialty: Comic Dance from US Hobby: Listening to music. Special Fact: Lived in LA for 6 years] [Kim Jun Su. 1988.1.15 KyungHee Cyber College. 178cm/73kg. Languages: Chinese, English. Specialty: Singing, Composing. Hobby: Everything to do w/ music. Special Fact: Weakness for anything music] [Jung Jin Woon. 1991.5.2 BaekAhm High School. 185cm/70kg. Specialty: ...

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