Lusty Men! TV Dinners! Guys! Chicks! Monsterball! Creatures!#148

Posted by Frederator on Oct. 06, 2008

Lusty Man TV Dinners will make you lust after this testosterone filled meal of a cartoon! The Guys return in Chicks!!! Peep it! Let's Play Monsterball pits space cats versus Bad ass robots!!! Who will PWN??? What do Muirlanxx's eat? We don't know. What is a Muirlanxx? We also don't know. Let's just hope it doesn't eat humans. EEEK!!! ASK THE ROBOT: p: 888-414-8148, e:, im: frederatorjeaux Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Any way.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags chicks, cats, macho, robots, creature, pratt, dinners, lusty, animaboutique, monsterball, rajesh, tigeroovy

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