Lunch got stolen by opportunist in China

Posted by BrainlessHell on Jan. 19, 2013

The lunch thief micro-Bo reported that he was arrested after The young men claimed to identity theft can not find a job, adequate food and clothing had to rely on stealing lunch Yesterday, reports regarding a port town youth stealing lunch. Newspapers out to the streets only a few hours, the young Liu Gang (a pseudonym) in the port town of Patrol arrested. According to his confession, steal lunch boxes just because lost ID card, because it can not find a job. Currently, Liu Gang has been sent to the relief stations. According to police at the port yesterday morning, the patrol team found next to the port town government building opposite bank a young man in black pants and a black windbreaker, is very similar to its appearance and steal lunch suspects. Patrol stepped forward to ask the young man flustered and ID cards are not. Later, he admitted that the two lunch Tsui Road, Hong Kong, an electric car stealing on January 15. The young men Guangxi, 19-year-old. In October last year, he came from his home in

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