Lucy Pinder!

Posted by maykelknight on Oct. 03, 2008

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Lucy Pinder Video Vixen sexes up your screen in this new video. Shes British, and half naked need I say more. Although to be fair I could say she just killed your mother, and half naked and it would still be the same. Shes that hot. Although it doesnt hurt that she has a lovely accent to accompany her mighty chest. Am I the only one thinking that we jumped the gun with the whole revolutionary war thing. I think if we could take a mulligan on that one to gain a Lucy Pinder or two we should seriously investigate it. O well I guess we will have to settle for great Lucy Pinder videos until then.British knockout Lucy Pinder makes a video for all of man kind to drool over for years to come. Her slightly exotic yet reassuringly familiar allure has made her fans world wide. This brunette truly defines the brown eyed girl of folk legend but with a classy British twist. She can certainly train us in the queens English anytime!

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