Lucky as hell! - Tree falling down on cabin (almost)

Posted by Andreas-Jacobsen-686 on Jul. 07, 2012

By my cabin between Larvik and Sandefjord in Norway, my dad was going to cut down two huge birch trees. The first one (not in this video) went down easily and perfectly, but the second one was leaning a little bit towards the cabin. He tried to make it fall the other way - the same way as the first tree - but it didnt. Luckily, the only damages were the flag pole, which snapped like a stick, and a small hole in our brand new platform in the yard... The tree landed only a few inches away from the cabin, and partly on tp of a chair I sat in while filming the first tree falling. Sorry for the 240p quality. I was filming with my Sony Ericsson W995. Les nettartikkelen (norsk) på Sandefjord Blads hjemmeside- http-//

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