Posted by DavidBMueller on Sep. 07, 2010

David B. Mueller suffered extreme psychological damage after being held captive in the Monroe County Jail in Waterloo, Illinois for nine days. However, he is recovering quickly thanks to some wonderful people that have offered much hospitality, love, and support. Mueller hopes that Monroe County prosecutor, Kris F. Reitz, does what is right and just by using his discretionary powers to dismisses all of the absurd and undeserved charges that have been brought against Mueller over the past several months. If not, Mueller hopes that special prosecutors will prosecute Kris F. Reitz for and other authorities in Waterloo and Columbia for abuse of power, malicious prosecution, civil rights violations, and for subverting rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution. Multiple members of the Columbia Police Department, including the Chief of Police, should be prosecuted and perhaps National Guard troops could patrol Columbia until order is restored. Actions are necessary to enforce constituti

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