Love Song to Myself - Original Song - Trick of Disaster

Posted by trickofdisaster on May. 05, 2009

This song isnt on my current album, but to check it out go to http-// or http-// Here are the lyrics Verse You make me happy when you tell me that you love me a lot I hate to be the one to tell you loves something Ive already got You make me happy when you say you love me more than anyone else Youre chattering is flattering, Im already in love with myself Pre-chorus Write a hit, win awards, build some tension change the chords Raise a tone, take a chance, someones gonna dance Chorus No one ever wrote a love song about me The way my hair blows in the wind, the pearly timber of my skin Move mountains just to save my life and pray for my health So Im writing a love song To myself Verse My heart starts beating faster fast the moment that I enter the room. I dont care when Im always late And we dont fight we just debate We go out on the greatest dates Were so alike it must be fate And though we cannot procreate One day we will commemora

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