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MR GERARD KIELTY I.R.B: I.D.E. EXPLAINS HOW HE HAS SOLVED WEIGHT PROBLEMS FOR MANY HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. ALSO, IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE HEALTH PROBLEMS SHOWN BELOW THEN CONTACT HEALTH SCAN FOR THE SIMPLE DRUG-FREE SOLUTION: Arthritis - Athletes Foot - Bloated StomachBlood Pressure problemsCatarrh - Colitis - Concentration - Constipation - Coughing - Cramp Crohns DiseaseChronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E)Depression - Dermatitis - Diarrhoea Dizziness - Eczema - Epilepsy Eye Sensitivity - Gout Tourette SyndromeHaemorrhoids - Hay fever - Headaches Heartburn - Hot Flushes - Hyperactivity - Irritability Irritable Bowel SyndromeLack of Libido - Leg Ulcers Lethargy - Loss of Sense of SmellLoss of ConfidenceMemory Loss - Migraine - Mood Swings Sleep problems - Mouth Ulcers - NauseaPalpitations - Pre-menstrual TensionRhinitis - Sciatica - Sinusitis Sneezing - Snoring - Stress - SweatingThrush - Tinnitus - Vomitingwww.healthscan.co.uk

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