Looks Like Rain (7.7.11-Day 138)

Posted by Draymond on Jul. 08, 2011

In this vlog; I was having alittle difficulty in work,but am tryig my best to deal with it. I got my four year anniversery name badge. Ill be looking for apartments and jobs,because it is time I make something happen. I have found a few things while searching,which is awesome. I look for something to eat in the house,which is nothing LOL. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE- http-//www.facebook.com/pages/Draymond1987/224568770898199 #peepdome Lets tweet it. Rate,Comment,Favorite,Thumb Up,Subscribe FACEBOOK ME- www.facebook.com/draymond1987 TWEET ME- www.twitter.com/draymond1987 Extra tags- draymond1987 ctfxc shaytards ijustine inspire inspiration interesting vlog random communication laughing family LDR youtube teen interest shane lazy awesome life lessons dealing with vlog vlogs vlogger rambling talking alot motivation focused adventure vlogging daily vlogs

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