Look At My Face! (Ep. 20)

Posted by jumbafund on Apr. 09, 2010

How JF works- As a Youtube partner channel, Jumbafund earns money based on the number of views it gets. This money is earned from the small ads that Youtube places next to my videos. Every two months JumbaFund donates all the revenue earned from Youtube to various charities. I started this channel about a year ago, and the results have way exceeded my expectations! Thanks to everyone that helped make JumbaFund what it is now. (More info on Youtube Partner Channels) http-//www.youtube.com/t/partnerships_benefits My Main Channel- http-//www.youtube.com/kevjumba Follow me on Twitter- http-//www.twitter.com/kevjumba Join my Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/kevjumba Jalen Rose Foundation http-//www.jalenrosefoundation.org/ Music by- http-//www.youtube.com/davidchoimusic (Go Subscribe!)

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