Longinus The Vampire - All Shall Die video

Posted by LonginusTheVampire on Feb. 01, 2013

He was the centurion who pierced the body of Christ with his spear. He was damned for eternity. He is seduced by Lilith, Queen of the Night. She made him her Revenant - a vampire of immense power. She used him to destroy her enemies. Firstly, vampire heretics who refused to worship her - then innocent women and children. He rebels and escapes her power. For centuries, he wanders the earth and fights in the wars of men. He meets his true love, the beautiful vampire Carmilla. They live together in peace and solitude. Now, Cervenka, the vampire Lord of New York has tortured and killed his true love. Now, he will bring down Cervenkas clandestine kingdom in an orgy of blood and fire. But Lillith is watching and waiting to reclaim what is rightfully hers. There is no redemption for the damned... Available at Amazon Books and on Amazon Kindle eBooks http://www.longinusthevampire.com

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