Long Pig The Movie: Chapter 48 - Party Plans

Posted by slumberpartyfun on Nov. 26, 2008

As the campfire legend continues, a young woman known as "Bump" tries to make up with her house mate with whom she's quarreled by extending an invitation to a Halloween party. But, little does Bump know that she is about to walk into a trap set up by a conniving member of a fraternity who intends to violate her body. Starring: Michelle Vanegas, Cody Hinson, Jennifer Ladenburg, Jenn Lyon, Ashtyn Sonner, Misty Coty, Laura Carter, Andrew Russell, Brooke Riley, Greg Clark, Brack Tipton, Matthew Misamore, Asad Latif, Glen Philip, Garret Graham, Grace Carpenter, Jessica Sahm, George H. Russell, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, Amy Nolte

Categories Pop Culture

Tags party, movie, teen, arts, urban, gore, long, slumber, legend, theater, cannibal, cannibalism, ethician

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