Long Pig The Movie: Chapter 33 - Morning Train

Act III of the shocking and disturbing urban legend begins the morning after a night of hedonistic celebration - an orgy of revelry that was without rules or boundaries. One young woman came through the night with her virtue intact and a newly-found resolve to embrace life. Another wakes up to find that she has been forgotten and discarded in the the woods of East Texas where the party was held. And a third young woman awakes to feel the consequences of her loose morals and sexual experimentation. But the soldiers of Hell have not finished with these young people and plan for one more day of hunting souls who seek nothing but to satisfy their base desires. Starring: Michelle Vanegas, Cody Hinson, Jennifer Ladenburg, Jenn Lyon, Ashtyn Sonner, Misty Coty, Laura Carter, Andrew Russell, Brooke Riley, Greg Clark, Brack Tipton, Matthew Misamore, Asad Latif, Glen Philip, Garret Graham, Grace Carpenter, Jessica Sahm, George H. Russell, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, Amy Nolte