Long Pig The Movie: Chapter 29 - Fallout

The darkness descends even further as the firelight from the party of excess begins to diminish in the woods of East Texas where the soldiers of Hell prowl like perverted shadows. The time draws near for them to choose another victim and several young, emotionally vulnerable women could be targets as their distress acts as a beacon for the demented beasts. Whomever they choose as prey, the evil hunters will not stray from their age-old strategy: Select victims who are isolated and filled with fear, humiliation, or desperate obsession. Starring: Michelle Vanegas, Cody Hinson, Jennifer Ladenburg, Jenn Lyon, Ashtyn Sonner, Misty Coty, Laura Carter, Andrew Russell, Brooke Riley, Greg Clark, Brack Tipton, Matthew Misamore, Asad Latif, Glen Philip, Garret Graham, Grace Carpenter, Jessica Sahm, George H. Russell, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, Amy Nolte