Long Pig The Movie: Chapter 24 - B**tch Fight

As the light of the raging bonfire causes the shadows of the night to frolic in revelry, the party of soulless excess continues in this chapter of the disturbing dark myth. One young woman's abandonment of her moral compass begins to be questioned as she is confronted with a rival whose stings and barbs hit a little too close to home. Starring: Michelle Vanegas, Cody Hinson, Jennifer Ladenburg, Jenn Lyon, Ashtyn Sonner, Misty Coty, Laura Carter, Andrew Russell, Brooke Riley, Greg Clark, Brack Tipton, Matthew Misamore, Asad Latif, Glen Philip, Garret Graham, Grace Carpenter, Jessica Sahm, George H. Russell, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, Amy Nolte