Long Pig The Movie: Chapter 21 - Bad Intentions

The fires of sin and temptation burn too bright and too seductively for one young woman as she prowls the edges of a hedonistic party held deep in the woods of East Texas. Obsessed with possessing a man whom she knows is no good for her, she abandons her moral compass in order to have him. Meanwhile, two fraternity members plot the diabolical degradation of women at their party under the glow of a full moon. Starring: Michelle Vanegas, Cody Hinson, Jennifer Ladenburg, Jenn Lyon, Ashtyn Sonner, Misty Coty, Laura Carter, Andrew Russell, Brooke Riley, Greg Clark, Brack Tipton, Matthew Misamore, Asad Latif, Glen Philip, Garret Graham, Grace Carpenter, Jessica Sahm, George H. Russell, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, Amy Nolte