London 2012 Olympic Christmas Message - SPOOF

Do you want to see a GIANT CHICKEN, some snow, a gramophone and a hole? If so, you need to read on... 50 Inspowering youths shovelled snow and shot this in the cold all day when London stopped with the aim to show how creative the youth can be and what lengths they will go to make a difference and have their voice heard. Original Video: This video adapts the Christmas classic poem Twas the night before Christmas to highlight the importance of valuing those who will give their time at the London 2012 Olympic games. This was released by Inspower ( on Monday 20th December 2012 (20/12) to raise awareness of the proposal Inspower intends to submit to the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and the Time-Life Alliance to enhance the experience for volunteers and engage the youth in supporting and uplifting our communities in the next two years and especially after London 2012. The audio used is under a non-commercial creati