Local Park Horror Part 1 Full Version

A Mom shares horrible stories about the local park horror just down the road from her new home, which they bought at a very insane price, now she knows why!Localparkhorror Intro:There she was, my daughter ran in the house screaming for me.What happened, she was weasing from her athsma and could barley speak, I reached for her inhaler, she took a puff and yelled we went to the park on the way home from school, He is still there, he got hurt please hurry Mom hurry, as I grabbed my keys we ran out of the house and drove as fast as we could to the spot where I saw my son laying. I ran up with my daughter and he was unconcious, I could hear noise in the woods and felt like someone was watching us. I carried him with all my might to the car and we rushed the clinic down the street. Who could do this to little innocent children, who could.Only a savage, welcome to the localparkhorror.