Liz - Music Video - Original Song - Trick of Disaster

Posted by trickofdisaster on May. 05, 2009 to Liz:Her name is LizAnd she has orange hairAnd she likes OranginaShe spends her days rollerskating by the pierAnd I wish I could show her to youPre-ChorusIve spent my life, without herId be insane, to doubt herI want to be her boyfriendIm living it up, from now until forever againChorusI think my babys goneAnd shes not, coming backTwo hearts can be at peaceNo reason to attackWell I will take the bedAnd you can take the floorI love my girl a lotBut I just love liz moreHer name is LizAnd she has orange hairAnd she makes me happyShe cant keep pitch, but I love when she sings.And she doesnt shoot me down, when I say stupid thingsAnd theres no one that Id rather, share my onion rings with.PrechorusChorusHey guys, hope you liked it! AdvertisementChannel IconSubscribeUnsubscribePartner VideoAnnotationstrickofdisaster2January 22, 2009(more info)(less info)Want to Subscribe?Sign In ...

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