LIvingston Public Works in late fall action

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

Cold morning of December 4th at 7;30am in Livingston, NJ. The town uses uses 3 loaders scattered around town each with three or four dump trucks. The trucks have the tailgate down and wooden boards setup on each side of the dump bed. When they are full, the tarp comes down to minimize losing leaves on the way to the drop off site. Each tractor by the way, has a claw attached to the front. The claw simply picks up the leaves that are put out in piles in the street and unloads them into the dump bed. The crews sweep up the leaves after using Elgin Pelican sweepers. The town is divided into three sections and each section gets there leaves picked up 3 times throughout the fall. This video shows the last pickup of the season then switching over to the salt spreaders for the winter. Livingston is using it's backup loader as the one assigned to my street broke down. As you can see, everything is frozen and the claw just eats through the leaves. A vacuum truck would not be effective in these conditions.

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