Living Legends: Ice Rose Collectors Edition Gameplay

Posted by gameangel on Mar. 22, 2012 Novelist Edward Grand has found information about the terrible tragedy in the city of Rosemount so he travel there to investigate it in Living Legends: Ice Rose! In this PC game you will play through various detailed locations and relish with the delectable completion, this game is one of high-quality members of electrical Puzzle/Adventure PC games. Help Edward Grand to gather information about Rosemount that he may use in his new book. Living Legends: Ice Rose CE game contains posh high quality visuals, sunny subject with exciting, unhoped-for plot enigmas with various entangled elaborate quandaries. Scour the frozen landscapes and thaw out important locations, saving the souls of the frozen victims as you solve an intriguing mystery in Living Legends: Ice Rose! Delicate music tracks will be found in this lovely Hidden Object game Living Legends: Ice Rose Collectors Edition! Explore the Castle of Ice Queen in this incredible gam

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