livEarts-phillyfringe promo video 2012

Posted by sUPEREDatbreak on Sep. 01, 2012

hey here is this weeks website writeup sUPEREDS 290 weekly inteRnet video for sept 1 2012 titled livEarts-phillyfringe promo video 2012 sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer/film editor/professional weird-0 billed as the 12th most strangest person on de internet editeds 43 videos from the internet that are about the livearts-phillyfringe festival into 1 6min 30sec promo video--- the festival takes place this year form sept 7 to the 22nd--in phila. pa. usa enjoy smile IIIII11111IIIIIsUPERED 8112sUPERED what you see in this video are clips from people who performed in the fringe from 2005 to 2011 the fringe is a good thing for artist who want to show their works to a audience that appreciates artsy stuff----livearts-phillyfringe is a expression of the human experence --alot of the artist do their acts just to express themselfs to others ---there is not much money involved --alot of the shows take place in oldcity in phila. old city has old bulidings some are from the 17th century so the ac

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