Lisa reads a segment of Wistful Walk by Dave Hart

Posted by hartistry on Sep. 12, 2008

...I greet my miniature friend. The wild rabbit. I give a hand wave and To my amazement he lifts His little paw. I want to believe it is Not coincidence. Cheerful. Verdant clusters of Shrubbery tickle the side of A cantankerous towering building. The subtle wind stealthfully Arrives. A polite playful breeze. Dried brittle brown and tan leaves Scrape and dance on a bed of laughing Lethargic pale gray and black singing Smooth stones. Mind body and soul now imbibes Tantalizing. Melodious. Machinations. From lyrically long ago in far fair and Free soul places. Heaven's bold bright blazing eye winks With it's full fluffy pillowy cloud lid. Alive. Alertly alive. Attentively alive. On this dancing daring delirious delicious Delightful day. 2008DHartUSA

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