Link: The Later Years (Legend of Zelda)-Insert Coin

Posted by crumpleitup on Jul. 19, 2009

About Insert Coin: Got a great idea for a healthy game? Visit to read official contest rules and submit your idea! Total prizes equal $10,000 for the top three winning ideas and a chance to see your idea published!About Link--The Later Years: Decades after the fall of Ganon, Link works a 9-5 desk job at a corporation. Things didnt work out with Zelda, he squandered his money, and his boss is, well, a Boss. Created by Naimul Huq. More Info:The Humana Games for Health (HG4H) team is looking to create a new video game that is innovative, entertaining, and has a health benefit. It doesnt matter if youre a developer, an avid gamer or just someone with an awesome concept to share; we want to hear about your idea.So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about your idea, visit to read submission guidelines and submit your idea before September 9th, 2009!To learn more about how the HG4H team can help you play your way ...

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