Lindsey D reads Wistful Walk (strolling)

Posted by hartistry on Sep. 17, 2008

" Strolling " by David Hart Walking wistfully willy-nilly. Now to the left. The aching aged railing wrapped In white wrinkled crackalure attire. A friend I mutely greet. Sunset. Serene sunset. Soft sunset. Gliding over plaintive pliant pavement. Pavement that yields specters of Fractured farcical fanciful faces. Disjointed figures of every kind. Smiling now I silently greet them all. Taking modest calculated steps. There. Gentile, civil undulating blades. Greening hues from pale lights to daring darks. Proud blades--miniature spires-- Blushing blades. Ossillating in the casual cavalier caresses of a wooing warm wild wonderful wiley wind. Short cropped green-yellow blades. Yearning. Yearning, to gratefully grow to great gargantuan Glorious heights. Now. The tooing and froing. Now. The the crissing and crossing. Gruff. Grubby. Growling cars. Unforgiving savagery. Sordid steamy Strict streets. A gorey guillotining great beast. Alas alack and hallelujah. Safely across. I greet my miniature frie

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