Lilou vs Muxibinha

Posted by Madavardotcom on Jun. 07, 2012

World renowned Bboy Ali Ramadani or LILOU winner of the BC One championship in 2005. He refused to give back the belt he won and BC One didnt appreciate that, yet it helped start an even better trend which is to make a new belt or trophy every year so all bboys who win the BC One after lilou can thank him for all having a Uniqe belt to that year.. Bottom line is this after watching this video, you must realize that lilou was robbed big time because BC One wanted to get him for not returning the belt... Muxibinha cannot beat lilou in his dreams and thats not taking away from mux, its just about class and mux is more on the average side of a bboy and for certain didnt win by better quality or performance. If we watch first the same freeze was used multiple times as well the second and third rounds finished very weak. Lilou first round was good only because of crash, then second he turned it up and third it was just fire. This was the first battle for returning champion lilou..

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