LIGER at the Dentist!

Lion Tiger = LIGER! Freckles was rescued from a failed backyard sanctuary in mississippi Dec 2008. 16 year old Freckles is one of the oldest Ligers around but she is one of the most recent arrivals to Big Cat Rescue. At the time of her rescue we could see a big hole in her jowl, and feared that it would lead to her demise, but she was in such bad shape that we just couldnt risk knocking her out to get a better look. Being a cranky old cat, she wasnt about to let us get a good look any other way either. She was given antibiotics in case it was just an injury, but now that she has become more calm in her new setting we can see that the problem stems from several broken teeth. Caged cats will often break off their teeth trying to chew their way out of their prison cells and when she was left behind to die in Mississippi she probably did just that.The dental work was completed on Freckles without any problems and she as made a full recovery. Lets hope that the dental as taken away her pain and she will hav