Life is Friends by Jeanne Martinet

Posted by BBCAA on Apr. 01, 2009

How can it be that you receive dozens of personal emails each week but have nothing to do come Saturday night? That youre constantly juggling a jam-packed schedule while always feeling that something essential is missing? Who the heck took the social out of your social life? With an attitude thats savvy, sympathetic, and just a little bit brash, Jeanne Martinet gives you the game plan for relearning the lost art of socializing. Forget texting, IMing, Facebook, and Internet "relationships." When it comes to building real friendships, theres simply no substitute for live, in-person hospitality. In Life Is Friends, Martinet focuses on at-home entertaining-the dinner parties, cocktail parties, and informal get-togethers that are the key to creating lasting, fulfilling interpersonal bonds. So read what Martinet has to say. And then, go ahead: Invite people over.

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