Lexz Pryde - Sittin Pretty

Posted by LexzPryde on Aug. 31, 2012

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Thank You for Watching Sittin Pretty! Stay Tuned for MORE Lexz Videos Coming Soon!!! WWW.LEXZPRYDE.COM Directed by- Kia Sleet Hair & Make-up by- Neon Fix Choreography by- Nay Nay Tune & Ashley Rice Filmed @ Psuedo Studios, NYC Presented by- Legends Music Group/Anjuli Networks ? LEXZS- WEBSITES ? ? TWITTER- http-//twitter.com/lexzpryde ? FACEBOOK- http-//www.facebook.com/lexzpryde ? http-//www.LexzPryde.com ? Available on iTunes!! DONATE to Teen Suicide Prevention when you get Perfect Creation Here! http-//itunes.apple.com/us/album/perfect-creation-single/id485946880

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Tags barbie, barbie doll, dance, edc, electric daisy carnival, house, las vegas, miami, music, new york, pop, ultra

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