Leukemia Sucks - Starring Hendrix The Cyborg Leukemia Slayer

Posted by BobbyWFunny on May. 09, 2012

A two-year-old Fresno, Ca boy needs your help. Hendrix Wille was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of Leukemia. Its a long shot, but, maybe you could be his match as a bone marrow donor. Hendrix is a handsome, hazel eyed two-and-a-half-year-old boy who looks healthy, but is in the fight of his young life. Hendrix has just finished his first round of chemotherapy. Possibly in a week hell get to play cars at home instead of Childrens Hospital in Madera County. But he still has two rounds of Chemo to go. So please go to www.getswabbed.org for more information on how you can become a donor and get on the registry list to help fight Blood Cancer to Save A Life. Check out the sites below for more info! http-//marrow.org/Home.aspx www.getswabbed.org From Bobby Williams and Daniel Sayre at Youtube Username- SayreProductionVideo

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