Let Your Dork Out

Posted by 7footmoustache on Feb. 21, 2009

Ive got a favor to ask, of you, the audience. Tonight lets do something kooky yeah, lets do something different. Instead of worrying about what to say and trying to be so cool. Just be yourself and let your true dork shine through. And let your dork out. Let let your dork out. Let your dork out. Let, let your dork out. Show everybody what youre all about. And burn your leather jacket and crush your indoor sunglasses. Cuz you wont need them in here. And check your insecurity at coat check and then rip up your claim ticket. Cuz tonight, you wont be getting it back. Try it you wont be disappointed. Show everyone how your double-jointed. Theres a plethora of dorky shit you can do. With your fingers in your armpits you can act like youre a chicken. Then you could walk like an Egyptian. Maybe even throw in the head movement. Pick up a banana and act like its a telephone (hello) Do all the dorky shit you only do when youre alone And you can have confidence in everything you do Cuz y

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