Lender Loan Modification: a Trusted Partner in Financing

Posted by mvpsproductions on Jun. 14, 2009

www.60MinuteLoanModification.com – FREE CD shows how I modified loans on all 5 of my properties. My simple system helps you beat the bank, lower your payments, and save your home. CLICK the link above to learn more. [below is an excerpt from a live loan modification teleconference]Ryan: A lot of times what happens, yeah, is that some event kind of creeps up. They might have even had the expense but then now its maybe doubled or tripled and so they dont think, theyre income hasnt gone down. Mike: Yeah. So you have to prepare by understanding your hardship and then most importantly prepare your budget. Thats the most important financial information to have before you call and then lastly I always recommend that you remove funds on deposit with any bank that youre negotiating with. So preparation is important. The second thing I recommend to everybody is, and this kind of bugs people, is that you answer the phone every time the lender calls, even if its the collection department. Ryan: Honestly, t

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