LEDtronics LED Street Lights on Victor Street Torrance, CA

Posted by LEDMan688 on Feb. 25, 2010

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LEDtronics LED Street Lights on Victor Street Torrance, CA next to Torrance West High school. Street View* Five Year Warranty*100-150 Watt HPS Replacement, LED Streetlight only uses 53 Watts* Lamp assembly has ventilation feature to aid in maintaining cool-running lamp* LEDtronics lamps are designed for 50,000 hours of continuous operation* A total of 50 watts for the LEDtronics 3D86 lamp represents a reduction of 125 watts of energy from the standard 150 W HPS lamp, with 25 watt transformer/ballast loss.* Entire lamp assembly is sealed to provide added protection from adverse environmental conditions* LEDs are mounted to provide maximum luminance at desired angles to the area to be lighted* Lab tested in accordance with IES Standards* Solid-state, high-shock/vibration resistant* Instant On with no delay in re-strike* Long-life LEDs are maintenance-free for over 5 years of continuous use* “Dark Skies” Initiative-friendly — Reduces light pollution* weblink; http://www.ledtronics.com/products/ProductsDetails.as

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