Learn handwriting on your iPhone!

Posted by KateGladstone on Dec. 05, 2009

Getting it Write on the iPhone and iPodTouch- new app, Better Letters personal handwriting trainer, seen in GQ Magazine Deep Pocket Series, a firm best known for its medical software, now offers an iPhone/iPodTouch application to cure bad handwriting. That app, Better Letters, launched on November 10, 2009 -- eight days later, it featured in the December 2009 issue of GQ magazine (page 128- sidebar in lower right corner on cyber-age resources for handwriting improvement). Better Letters is the brainchild of two people who care about the proliferation of bad handwriting in our high-tech times- Deep Pocket Series founder Harvey Castro, MD (an emergency medicine physician) and Kate Gladstone, a handwriting improvement specialist known internationally as the Handwriting Repairwoman. For $2.99, Better Letters provides instructional lectures (both audio and written) along with practice fonts which offer a choice of writing style, guidelines, and directional arrows -- turning the iPhone or iPodTouch into a perso

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