Layfield's Energy Plus No Pain

Posted by MamaJuanaEnergy on Mar. 04, 2009

When I started up my company Layfield Energy (www . layfieldenergy . com) I wanted to create products that made a difference in everyday lives; functional beverages. Well over a year ago I was playing golf at Pebble Beach and I noticed a couple of guys I was playing with take an energy shot along with several Advil. I thought to myself, what if there was a natural alternative to this mix of energy shot and over the counter pain relief? So I went to work on Layfield’s Energy and I became the guinea pig. My goal was to develop something with energy, focus and anti-inflammatory that were all natural in one easy to drink 2 oz shot. I did it. I had broken my back in a match in London, England. This not only forced me to retire from wrestling, but also was the reason for my weight gain. I had too much pain to work out, and the more I didn’t work out-the less energy I had. I needed the product I was developing. I got up one morning after that, weighing 330 pounds, and realized I needed to do something because I didn

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